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Lottery Affiliates Approved Terminology

By becoming a member of Lottery Affiliates, you are promoting regulated Australian lottery products. Due to this, our partners (the lottery providers in Australia) govern the use of the logos and terminology used not only by us and the website, but also our affiliate partners.

To make it easy for you to ensure that your site remains compliant with our policies on Copyrighted and Trademarked material (to view the policy please click here) we’ve provided this handy guide to give you all the correct terminology to use and some examples of how it should and shouldn’t be used.

Terminology Table

Please see the table below for the official name for each lottery game sold by You must always use the official name for each lottery game and must not alter it any way.

Game Logo Official Name Day Played
Lotto Logo Monday Lotto Monday
OzLotto Logo Oz Lotto Tuesday
Lotto Logo Wednesday Lotto Wednesday
Powerball Logo Powerball Thursday
Lotto Logo Saturday Lotto Saturday
6 From 38 Pools Logo 6 From 38 Pools Saturday
$2 Jackpot - Lucky Lotteries $2 Jackpot Lottery  
$5 Jackpot - Lucky Lotteries $5 Jackpot Lottery  
If you would like a copy of each logo please see our Approved Logos page.

Game Names:
Each game must be referred to by its correct and official name. The game names and an explanation of each game are below.

When adding the lotto games to your website, it is important to ensure that you always use the official terminology above.

Use of Copyrighted and Trademarked Terminology
Affiliates (and indeed even ourselves) are not permitted to make any changes to the official name. For example, you may not list the Saturday Lotto as “Saturday Night Lotto”.

Similarly, you may not refer to OZ Lotto as “Tuesday Lotto” or “Tuesday Night Lotto”.

It would be permitted however to use a phrase such as “OZ Lotto is played on Tuesday night” or “Tuesday is OZ Lotto night”.

It would also be permitted to use a phrase such as “Powerball jackpots this Thursday, get your entries now”.

Affiliates are also not permitted to use the following trademarked keywords/phrases in the website copy & html source (Includes meta tags, alt tags, image names and url paths). Keywords/phrases to not use includes but is not limited to: tatts, tattersalls, tattslotto, golden casket, gold lotto, sa lotteries, lottery west.

More Help with Copyright and Trademark compliance
We recommend keeping the website bookmarked for easy reference, as any terminology on the website is always compliant with trademark and copyright requirements and you are permitted to use the terminology for inclusions on your website.

Also, if you ever have any questions specifically relating to trademark or copyright requirements, please don’t hesitate in sending us an email by using the contact us form.
If you need specific articles or content for your site and you are not sure where to start, request some from our Affiliate Manager.