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Privacy Policy - Lottery Affiliates

    1. At Lottery Affiliates, we would like to assure you that:
      1. we take the privacy your personal information very seriously; and
      2. we will take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of your personal information.
    2. This Privacy Policy will also apply to any personal information about you that is provided to us by someone else.
    3. This Privacy Policy sets out how we handle your personal information.
    4. By using Lottery Affiliates's services, you are consenting to the collection by us of personal information about you.
    5. This Privacy Policy applies to the Lottery Affiliates website (
    • It is our policy only to collect the personal information necessary for the functions and activities of Lottery Affiliates's business.
    1. We collect personal information in a number of ways, including:
      1. directly from you, such as when you enter your personal details on our website, when you deal with us over the telephone, send us correspondence, or when you have contact with us in person;
      2. collecting certain aggregate data by means of web log information. For example, when you visit our website, our web server will automatically record some non-personal information, including but not limited to the date and time you visited our site, the pages you visited, the referrer (the website you came from), the type of browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) and the type of operating system you are using (e.g. Windows, Mac OS).
      3. information provided through the use of cookies.
    1. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are placed by us on your computer's hard drive through your web browser.
    2. Cookies are used by the Lottery Affiliates website to add functionality and security. The use of cookies in this way is a widespread practise which is commonly accepted by the Internet community.
    3. The cookies we collect do not record any information about your computer or any other information on your hard drive, and do not contain personal information such as your name or email address.
    4. You may choose not to accept a cookie that the Lottery Affiliates website attempts to place on your computer, however doing so may limit your use of some areas of the website.
    1. Personal information that we have collected will be used in the following ways:
      1. to enable us to identify you and contact you;
      2. to provide the services you require;
      3. to improve the services we provide to you;
      4. to administer and manage those services
      5. to research and develop our services;
      6. to maintain and develop our business systems and infrastructure, including testing and upgrading of these systems;
    2. You consent and authorise us to provide any personal information held by us, to any other person (including a related body corporate, agents and contractors) for the purpose of:
      1. provision of Lottery Affiliates's services to you;
      2. improving Lottery Affiliates's services by means of research, marketing, product development and planning;
      3. marketing our products and services; and
      4. any third party providing services to us and you in connection with the administration of Lottery Affiliates.
    3. On request by you, to the extent permitted or required by law, we will provide you with access to and an ability to correct your personal information held by us.
    4. However, we do comply with validly served and executed court orders and subpoenas and we cooperate with investigations by state and federal agencies. Under these circumstances, or where otherwise required by law, information in your account may be shared with others, with or without your knowledge or consent.
    1. We are not involved in the selling, trading or other unauthorised use of personal information.
    2. From time to time, we may provide aggregate statistical information about sales, trading patterns and navigation techniques to reputable third parties. This will simply comprise data collected about you and other users to form aggregate results and will not include any direct personal information that identifies you as our client.
    3. Any changes to our information collection policies will be posted on this page.
    4. We will not sell or give away your personal information to any other person, company or organisation, unless:
      1. it is required by law; or
      2. you expressly agree to us selling or giving away your personal information.
    1. The personal information we hold is kept electronically on a secure server. The server is password protected and access to the premises, where the server is located, is security restricted.
    2. When it is no longer necessary to hold your personal information, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify it.
    • We invite you to contact us if you have questions concerns or complaints about this Privacy Policy.
    • Any changes to our Privacy Policy, including to our information collection policies, will be posted on this page.